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Agency specialized in the creation of virtual and augmented reality content based in Madrid.

We are a team of Madrid-based developers of virtual and augmented reality applications for virtual glasses, mobile devices and tablets.

We develop projects with augmented and virtual reality for companies and institutions. The objective is to offer enriched experiences to users or visitors when they visit real spaces or attend specific activities.

Augmented reality has a great capacity for adaptability. It allows you to enjoy its contents on any device, including cell phones, tablets and augmented reality glasses.

Our virtual solutions can provide a variety of advantages for companies in Madrid: interactive training programs, creation of plans, streamlining of sales processes, remote work, among others. All of them, with the added surprise factor that will surely surprise any user.

Our VR and AR services

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360° videos

360° video recording for virtual reality glasses

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Virtual Tour

Showroom with interactive virtual tour

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Virtual Experiences

Software and Interactive Contents for Virtual Reality

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Live Streaming 360

Events, conferences and live training

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Augmented Reality

Software and Interactive Content for Augmented Reality

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Virtual Reality for Groups

Guided virtual experiences

Your augmented reality and virtual reality agency in Madrid

We created Two Reality in 2010 as a production company to meet the needs of the augmented reality sector.
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in Madrid and other cities in Spain.

Throughout more than 10 years, we have successfully offered our solutions as an augmented reality company in more than 80 brands, carrying out more than 150 projects and obtaining several international recognitions.

In order for an augmented reality project to be of quality, all development and execution must be done by professionals, and this is what Two Reality is able to offer.

For each project, we study in detail the customer’s needs and bring our experience and know-how in the sector. Thanks to our team formed by Engineers, 3D Modelers, Video Maker and Photographers, we are able to provide a global vision and a quality final product, always adapted to the needs of each client.

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Virtual Reality projects carried out in Madrid by Two Reality


Interactive 360º video


360º interactive animation with virtual experience


Virtual reality tour and configurator

At Two Reality we create digital content and develop applications on demand, creating customized products for the user. In our Madrid agency we have creative staff, 3D designers and modelers, film and sound experts as well as software programmers.

All the cultural and work richness that Madrid has to offer can benefit from these experiences. Projects for companies are able to save time and distractions, as well as provide learning in record time. For groups and associations seeking to deploy cultural transformation processes, Two Reality is able to virtualize projects, plans, structures, products or processes without implementing them in reality.

A long list of satisfied customers, years of experience and more than 3 innovation awards endorse Two Reality. Since the beginning in 2010, he has successfully created more than 100 virtual and augmented reality projects for more than 70 transnational, national, Asian and Hispanic-American companies 3 awards.

The price of a development project depends on the content and how close to reality is sought or desired. A project is estimated in the amount of code to be developed, the quality and quantity of 3D modeling, the number of user interactions with the virtual scenario, etc.

Two Reality Madrid

Location: C/ de Montesa, 35, 28006 Madrid

Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm


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