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Virtual Reality in Colombia: what is it and how can it help companies?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that offers multiple solutions for Colombian companies:

Virtual reality education and training, virtual meetings, 360 streaming, guided experiences for groups, serious game and much more…

This tool allows the visualization of content in virtual environments, which are displayed on devices called virtual reality glasses.

These glasses allow the user to view content on special screens, placed close to their eyes.

In this way, much more realistic experiences are generated than through the use of a traditional screen, or even 3D.

For this reason, VR is a technology that offers solutions to help companies in Colombia improve productivity,

facilitate communication and increase return on investment (ROI).

Although VR is a tool that offers many development possibilities,

Most virtual reality companies in Colombia have started with games and fun experiences.

It is a young technology whose limits are yet to be explored.

In this article we will see other areas in which it has been very useful.

What is virtual reality and how does it work?

As we have already seen, with VR users can access virtual content on adapted devices, which are virtual reality glasses.

They isolate users from the outside world and place them in a 360-degree virtual environment.

This will allow virtual reality agencies in Bogota and other cities to create immersive, realistic and interactive experiences.

An example of this is the amusing video below, which shows how players from Fulham, England’s historic soccer team,

tried to walk along a wooden plank on top of a skyscraper.

Although it is a totally virtual and simulated experience, it is so realistic that some of them, professional soccer players, did not even dare to try it.

Glasses, therefore, are a very important factor for an immersive and quality VR experience.

It is a device that over time became more accessible and affordable for all budgets.

In this sense, the launch of the Oculus Rift was a turning point for VR, as this model developed by Facebook became very popular.

However, there are many other models of virtual reality glasses, adapted to the different needs of all users.

TwoReality, Colombia’s leading virtual reality agency.

Virtual reality is a clearly growing, accessible and versatile technology with a lot of room for growth in Colombia, starting with the capital city.

Virtual reality companies in the country are still scarce, mainly dedicated to entertainment use and for this reason TwoReality is becoming the leading virtual reality agency in the country.

TwoReality has more than ten years of experience in the development of virtual and augmented reality applications.

We have worked with major brands such as Banco Santander, Bacardi, RedBull, Reebok, Bayer or Pepsi allowing us to be the main virtual reality reference in Spain.

Now, thanks to our experience and professionalism, we want to bring the great benefits of virtual reality to a society as dynamic and modern as the Colombian one.

State of virtual reality in Colombia

Many Colombian companies are evaluating efficient, agile, modern and effective ways to carry out their training.

It is no longer possible to gather groups in training to deliver knowledge.

The cost of coaching and venues is being shifted to modern techniques.

Virtual simulations are now developed with glasses and tablets in which it is possible to bring the adherence of knowledge to 45% or even 80%, instead of the traditional 15% obtained with lectures.

It has also reached large manufacturing and electrical industries where a step-by-step simulator can guide an operator through the process of maintaining large pieces of machinery.

This avoids errors, stoppages caused by intervention errors, occupational accidents and even fatalities.

These systems allow large industries to maintain security protocols.

They also tell the officer what the site, machine and process hazards are,

during training with virtual reality goggles and later on site in the live process.

These simulators can be used over and over again until the person feels

that dominates the process and can even be evaluated at the end of training.

Thanks to a system of sensors and hot spots to which the gaze is directed during the same,

a set of metrics or even a test can be generated for step-by-step or end-of-pipe evaluation.

Virtual reality sector in Colombia

These tools can be used in any industry or business, from banking to Industry 4.0, electricity, gas, finance and administrative processes.

Access to virtual reality goggles is possible through local distribution companies or even purchased online.

With the hardware at hand it is possible to load the glasses or an application on a tablet in a matter of seconds and start learning directly from them.

Manufacturing companies can benefit from virtual or augmented reality

reducing the preparation time of new workers, improving the quality of their work immediately.

In large industries or hydroelectric power plants, it is possible to prepare maintenance material

which helps to train new employees or to help experienced ones to deal with new instructions quickly and accurately.

It is also applied to food and beverage preparation processes to train chefs,

bartenders and baristas without spending money on wasted travel, accommodations and supplies, while also introducing evaluation questions.

These tools allow to increase quality in production thanks to augmented reality that can control the production process step by step,

reducing errors that lead to returned products due to inconsistencies or damage.

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Virtual reality experience in Colombia

Thanks to virtual reality systems, it is possible to bring the product to the customer using glasses or tablets that deliver emotions, sensations and demonstrations.

Nowadays it is possible to develop 100% virtual content with an almost identical appearance.

or record them in reality to execute them in a virtual world.

These experiences are being used by tourism companies to showcase the experience.

to visit museums, exotic places, famous cities or popular sites without leaving the couch.

While it is not possible to travel and stay with the comfort and freedom that existed before the pandemic, it is possible to maintain the excitement and interest of the traveler with these systems.

360º video content has been developed for several cities around the world,

Balloon flights, paragliding, gliders and parachutes recorded from real life, giving the user a feeling almost identical to real life.

Although the virtual experience does not replace the real one, it does serve as a taste of what is to come.

the live tour, creating future travel buyers from now on.

It is even possible to experience the view of the seabed during a diving session.

with all the fauna and vegetation of the famous reefs, for those who prefer to stay on land or cannot afford these trips.

Benefits of virtual reality for companies in Colombia

Many metrics can be improved by virtual reality systems, from training to remote operation of machinery with mixed reality.

They reduce the time spent in face-to-face training because each individual

She experiences it on her own and can repeat it as much as she wants without the trainer being present.

Travel and lodging expenses are avoided, which are frequently incurred in

We incur by organizing group meetings in order to have a facilitator with the whole group simultaneously.

As these simulators are developed hand in hand with material experts,

all options, steps, processes and precautions can be included as desired, without losing content in the voice-to-voice.

It is very easy to deliver expert knowledge in the same tool,

that does not depend on the interlocutor or on a Train-the-Trainers process that takes time and effort to settle the ideas.

In these simulators it is possible to develop risk situations, such as working at heights, fires, work with high voltage networks or chemicals, without the risk of accidents or deaths.

A good example is Porsche, which strengthened its plants in Leipzig and Zuffenhausen.

and called it Porsche Production 4.0. Before anyone else, in 2011,

Airbus started using the QA tool with AR – Smart Augmented Reality Tool (SART).

Since then, SART has been installed on 100 tablets and more than 1,000 employees use it every day.

Virtual reality ventures and startups in Colombia

For the last couple of years, several educational institutions and governmental entities have been

have taken on the task of promoting apprenticeships at universities and supporting local entrepreneurs.

TwoReality has more than ten years of experience developing simulations, marketing campaigns and

industry tools for different countries with more than 70 key clients and more than 100 projects completed to satisfaction.

The experience of successes and failures over time allows us to know beforehand

what will be the errors, the risks and the most efficient way to create a simulator.

Also, thanks to our experience, we are able to determine the time of development

in a very precise way, reducing delivery time and always lowering costs.

It is great news that several Colombian entities are betting on these new technologies,

supporting young entrepreneurs and enabling companies of all sizes to take advantage of them.

High quality development requires at least three years of experience.

in complex projects, making mistakes and especially learning from experts in real-life situations.

There are not many companies in Colombia that provide this type of products and services,

as they are more focused on the entertainment aspect than on the industrial or training aspects.

Virtual Reality Bogotá

The ability of virtual reality to generate immersive experiences, as well as the popularization and affordability of VR goggles,

will allow many companies to start incorporating this technology and develop the virtual reality industry in Colombia.

We know that the entertainment sector was a pioneer and virtual reality games became very popular.

Now, VR has proven to be useful for many other purposes: in education, for example, it is useful for creating immersive and interactive academic content that improves student performance.

On the other hand, the use of this technology in marketing campaigns allows us to generate unique experiences for our potential customers.

This is an excellent tool to enhance teleworking and remote meetings;

This way, companies in Colombia will be able to differentiate their brand and improve productivity.

Virtual reality in Medellín

In Medellín we have a multitude of industries and multi-Latin companies that can take advantage of

to its competitors thanks to these systems that help optimize and streamline processes.

Today’s competitiveness is based on satisfying users and exceeding their expectations through innovative experiences.

In order to reach international markets, it is necessary to start by offering

to the user a unique look and feel that connects with their emotions.

By initiating marketing campaigns with this vision, a line of actions can be drawn up

The chained chains that feed the emotion and the senses, resolving the need long before delivering the product.

Medellín is characterized by the quality of its products and the warmth of its inhabitants.

It is possible to transfer these same sensations thanks to the simulations and 360° tours.

Thanks to a detailed project management process we are able to deliver to our customers a high quality training or maintenance system.

This team can deliver results on time, by working together rather than delegating functions.

Based on the creativity and execution systems very common in the Antioquian culture,

We are able to create experiences, record unique tours and allow locals and visitors to experience the country’s unique sites and processes.

From TwoReality we continue to create the best content and applications for different devices.
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