Meetings and Conference in Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality conference will be the future trend when it comes to organizing reunions and business meetings

This type of virtual meetings add value to the already popular videoconferences.

Thanks to virtual reality, distance meetings gain full interaction, non-verbal communication and immersion capacity.

The increased use of video conferencing is a huge push for the business community. With the emergence of companies like Skype, there was no longer any need for board members to be in the same physical space to make decisions, for example.

However, traditional videoconferencing has several drawbacks over a conventional meeting. Not sharing a common environment makes non-verbal communication almost inexistent. As a result, these meetings are much more distant and less effective than the regular ones.

Thanks to virtual reality, these conferences can be held in a more natural and immersive way.

To hold this type of meeting, participants must create their avatars.

These avatars share space in a space created in virtual reality. Within this simulated space, the participants’ avatars can interact with each other up to limits not allowed by webcams or mobile phones. All the non-verbal communication, practically inexistent in conventional videoconferences, reaches limits close to those of a physical meeting.

Virtual reality meetings have many advantages for companies.

The most obvious is that they allow users to see themselves and interact while avoiding travel expenses.

With the modest initial investment ofon virtual reality goggles, telematic conferences can be conducted in a much more interactive and immersive way than videoconferences.

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with all or just a group of workers present in the virtual classroom.


all the information made available by users from your virtual desktop.


to the whole or reduced groups of users, multimedia materials in different formats (pdf, video, 3D modeling, etc.), and you will also able to interact with it (Enlarge, rotate, move, detail, etc.).


with the multimedia material that is shared during the meeting (Enlarge, rotate, move…), etc.)


all the resources prior to the virtual meeting.

The possibility of having a space where you can upload your own document resources.

For example, if you have downloaded one of the resources provided by the teacher, you can upload your own version with your notes, and decide whether or not you want to share it with other users.


metrics and make reports about what is happening in the virtual environment thanks to a control panel in which you can visualize the behavior of users in the classroom.

  • Head movement
  • Hand movement
  • Heat map with the points where users direct their attention.
  • Time of connection to the working environment
  • Tone of voice

Point Out

highlight or delete with a pointer the multimedia elements (pdf, video, 3D modeling, etc.) that you show have or are showing to the users.

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Virtual reality conferencing also makes it easier to track projects that are taking place away from headquarters. Thanks to virtual reality conferencing, you can take a 360°-degree photo or video of, for example, a relocated factory, and view its current status in near real time.

These meetings participants can also manipulate the virtual environment to be able to provide much more detailed information beyond video conferencing.

Participants can, for example, draw graphics in the virtual environment, which the rest will be able to view and modify in real time.

You can also share images, videos, 3D files, Pdf.

In order to carry out these conferences you will only need the appropriate equipment compatible with virtual reality.

With a pair of vr glasses and a virtual reality controller, participants can achieve very high levels of interaction.

The fact that it is so simple to organize a meeting results in a more frequent holding of meetings and therefore improves internal communication.

Improved internal communication also leads to a better decision-making dynamic. In addition, the fact of being able to back up arguments with virtual graphics, images or videos, makes decisions have a major impact.

Virtual reality conferences have a promising future. Although it is still a developing area, it has a number of advantages that make it much more interesting than traditional videoconferencing.

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