Virtual reality: New way of marketing

Recently, marketing has gained a new ally: virtual reality .

This is presented as an innovative and great way for the message to reach potential customers in a clear and effective way.

This new way of advertising attracts everyone’s attention and its effectiveness is reflected in the revenues of the biggest and best companies.

Users have the opportunity to live an illusion in a way that seems totally real. Virtual reality applications show scenarios, environments and objects that have been created through various digital technologies, and which seek to offer users an immersive experience in this “world”.

The presence is given as spectators or observers of everything that is around with the help of virtual reality glasses or helmets, among which are the Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, among others.

Virtual reality in marketing is just beginning to consolidate and is fully accessible to most brands and companies that are already attracted to this innovative advertising idea thanks to the various ways in which it is presented.

Those who have used it

Although it may seem otherwise, there are many proposals and initiatives that are already being used by brands and companies around the world.

The goal is simple: to get your message across, in a modern and different way, to as many people as possible.

Some supermarket chains have used virtual reality in their marketing method by getting their customers to visit and tour their stores with the use of virtual reality glasses.

However, not only for-profit businesses have been able to take advantage of the use of this technology in the marketing world. Large spaces dedicated to art, such as the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) and the Guggenheim (Spain) allow users to move around their facilities and get to know the works of great artists.

And while it is true that in this case a virtual guided tour will never surpass a real one, the use of virtual reality is very beneficial to show the art and interesting objects found within these cultural spaces. Although there is no doubt that in a few years we will see the emergence of a large number of commercial strategies based on virtual reality, it is currently proving to be an accessible and innovative option to traditional advertising strategies.

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At TwoReality we take care of everything possible for you to successfully include virtual reality among the marketing methods of your company or business, and thus increase the chances of selling your products. Virtual reality in marketing, accompanied by a range of other devices, will make customers feel likethe real protagonists of the commercial story of their favorite brand or item.

Very useful

The use of virtual reality glasses in marketing allows the information of the good or service to capture the attention of the target audience in a striking and different way, making them live an illusion, giving a touch of fantasy to their routine .

  • In corporate events: They allow to showcase products, presentations and optimize the spectators’ experience.
  • Product presentations: Very helpful when you want to promote an item but don’t have it physically available yet.
  • Ecommerce: Allows customers to walk through the aisles of a store and make purchases without leaving home.

360-degree videos have become very popular on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, where brands and companies make and upload videos in which it is possible to watch an entire landscape with just one click and without moving from a specific point.

Any city or street in the world can be visited thanks to Street-View, a new way to appreciate virtual reality in this platform of the giant Google.Contact us.