How virtual reality can help

in reducing pollution

Now that we are forced to stay home, we are surely going to find better ways to work, without having to go to the office using virtual reality to reduce the movements and pollution they create.

It will develop a sense of trust that we never had towards collaborators and that prevented us from moving forward quickly in the development of the business.

In our culture it is difficult to accept that a person is productive even if we do not see them; The belief has been maintained that "the employee is only productive if he is in the company building, with his supervisor watching him from 8 to 6".

The reality is that work can be balanced with life, but it does not necessarily have to be done from Monday to Friday for eight continuous hours.

Many roles can be done in blocks of hours that are combined with “home school” time, housework, and rest.

Each person is productive at different times that can be adapted to the multiple obligations.

Fuel consumption will decrease, air pollution will drop to limits that we do not yet know.

Water sources will receive less pollutants from vehicles and commercial establishments, and the time to go and return to work can be spent spending more time with the family or with oneself;

developing those skills that we put on hold many years ago.

According to a study by ScienceDirect In Switzerland, pollution is reduced by between 2,7 and 4,1%, while traffic is reduced by almost 3%.

By allowing the Teleworking, companies will be able to integrate these benefits into their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy;

playing a key role in reducing pollution, fossil fuel consumption and pollution.

When this season passes, we will discover what is possible to do Teleworking In many of the roles, productivity is going to be increased by the greater concentration and the reduction of interruptions.

The quantity of motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles is going to be reduced by improving the quality of traffic, as well as the reduction of people in public transport,

what will result in better quality and reduced travel times.

After many years of restrictive measures against private transport, we are seeing that the most polluting are heavy and public transport, both with the use of diesel and gasoline, with little or inadequate maintenance.

This new reality that is presented to us makes us redesign everything.

It is the perfect opportunity to go back to basics and understand that the frenetic pace we were carrying is destroying the planet and our own natural rhythm of living.

According to LifewireIf 32 million Americans started teleworking, greenhouse gases would drop by 423.000 tons.

613.000 gallons of gasoline would be saved and there would be 9.600 fewer tons of carbon emissions.

By teleworking based on virtual reality, augmented or mixed, we will be increasing productivity, reducing time away from family and incidentally improving the environment.

One of these uses may be having remote hands-on technical support with an expert sitting at home, saving time on the go and instructing people anywhere in the world to attend eg.

In heavy industry, it improves the return on investment, providing incident solutions almost immediately and taking advantage of knowledge resources, which are scarce in an optimal way.

Another way to reduce pollution comes from avoiding travel for each board, partner meeting, or management committee.

Companies generally expect people to see each other in the same room, to share the same coffee, and to be able to shake hands.

But not everyone enjoys these circumstances equally or does not want to spend two or three days away from their families if they can be just as effective in a conference call.

With this virtual reality tool you can share the knowledge, the presentation of a product or the analysis of big data thanks to virtual reality glasses.

Finally, fewer people moving through the streets and between cities means fewer planes, trains, and vehicles moving with fossil fuels.

Fewer home-work exchanges, less stress caused by wanting to get to the destination on time and everything means less consumption by polluting industries.

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