Virtual Reality Streaming

Virtual reality is completely changing the way we follow live events.

Tworeality offers new possibilities for the realization of live events, conferences and trainings.

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Live streaming has been a reality for several years.

However, thanks to VR technology and innovation at Tworeality, we are able to transport fans who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend an event directly to the event in real time.

The experience is interactive, and the viewer can see in 360° any event taking place in a stadium, pavilion, congress center……….

We can record live 360° video and give users the ability to say “I was there” even when they can’t physically be there, giving them the best possible location to watch a show, a game or a conference, without limitation of number, location or device.

Reel Streaming 360 VR


  • Live streaming in real time with 360° videos.
  • High quality audio from any source.
  • Global CDN with RTMP, HLS and DASH.
  • Custom 360° video player.
  • Direct support for cardboard, Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR.
  • Compatible with YouTube 360 Live.
  • Graphic and textual interactions.
  • No time limit and no limit on the number of users.
realidad virtual live streaming video 360 two reality


  • Multiple Viewpoints

  • Real Time Direction

  • Event Recording

  • Integration of 2D or 3D Graphic Elements


University Hospital – Streaming 360 8K
Sonar OFF Barcelona – Streaming 360 4K

We solve your doubts about Virtual Reality in Streaming

  • It is the ability given to the user to be transported to an event transmitted -even- live thanks to the 360-degree filming and virtual reality glasses that the user has.
  • It allows you to transmit events, speeches, conferences and concerts to and from any location.
  • Lower logistics costs
  • It allows extending these events to an audience that cannot or does not want to travel to the site, by connecting them through the Internet.
  • Allows to go to the place where the protagonist lives and transmit from there instead of making the artist and his team travel.
  • It is widely used for live events, artists, musicians, orchestras and even for family ceremonies.

It is the live streaming of a few seconds of video at a time, as the content is generated at the source, as opposed to a pre-recorded video that must be downloaded before it can be viewed.

  • Allows to approach the assistant who is unable or unwilling to move around
  • Delivers an almost lifelike experience
  • Helps those with physical or budgetary limitations to get closer to their favorite artist.
  • Thanks to the above, the fan’s affiliation with their favorite artist or brand is increased
  • Avoid unpleasant incidents when approaching the sites, parking the vehicle or getting a cab at the exit, as well as long waits in the entrance lines.

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