TOURISM: Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions

We recreate any kind of immersive experience related to the cultural or recreational tourism sector, through the recording of immersive videos in 360° or the three-dimensional recreation of historical and artistic scenarios affected by the passage of time. Virtual reality is a powerful marketing tool for institutions and companies dedicated to the tourism sector, since it allows us to visit and interact with the different elements of our trip.

For example, if we check online we will be able to visualize in advance the interior of the plane in which we will travel, thanks to an interactive view directly from the seat that we have selected. We can also enter the hotel room that we have booked or navigate the different facilities of the building.

  • Major attractions of any city

  • Hotels and restaurants

  • Amusement parks

  • Travel experiences by plane, boat and train

  • Museums, art galleries and events

Attractions and points of interest

Attractions and points of interest You will be able to visit places or live in first person inaccessible experiences, either because of their high cost or for calendar issues. By transporting customers virtually to a particular place, it generates great enthusiasm, making them feel as if they were present.

Live the different aspects of the trip in advance exploring, for example, the hotel, the city or its most emblematic places, through the personalization of the offers based on the experiences lived virtually and directly by the client.


If you are interested in the development of applications for virtual or augmented reality headsets, do not hesitate to contact us.