Advantages of virtual reality for SMEs

Why invest in virtual reality for your company

The 7 biggest technology trends for the year 2021

Virtual reality and environment

Zenfone AR: Virtual and Augmented Reality in One

The first phone compatible with Google Tango and DayDream

Cell phones have long since ceased to be simple devices for just calling and texting.

With each year, innovations become more powerful and challenging, and thus the field of new smart cell phone launches becomes more competitive.
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The future of Virtual Reality in 2017

The future of Virtual Reality

Many knowledgeable people still see Virtual Reality as a fad, destined to go the same way as laserdiscs and 3D TV.

These people believe that the consumer in the future will eventually drop all interest, causing VR agencies to abandon app development and maintenance.

After a year with the three strongest Virtual Reality proposals in the market (HTC Vive, Oculus and PlayStation VR), the future of this type of technology looks promising.

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Virtual reality: New way of marketing

Recently, marketing has gained a new ally: virtual reality .

This is presented as an innovative and great way for the message to reach potential customers in a clear and effective way.
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100 million virtual glasses

Virtual glasses shipments to reach 100 million by 2021

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has been publishing reports related to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies for quite some time now, but a recent publication from the company shows us how these technologies are seen as completely viable in the near future.
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The reasons why we would love Virtual Reality

Since last year, Virtual Reality came to our daily life, thanks to the big technology companies. Video games, smart glasses and more are going to continue to be seen throughout 2017, and according to rumors, smartphones will also have VR qualities.
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Oculus Touch: use your hands in a virtual environment

When the Oculus Rift sparked our fascination with Virtual Reality in 2012 it was thought that this would be a purely visual medium.

People imagined the experience it promised as an option to watch video games or movies in a more exciting and immersive way, as it would give lifelong interactions a whole new feel.

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How virtual reality will change the world

With the passage of time, virtual reality is one of those things that have managed to make their way into everyday life.

In the past, the ideas and possibilities of fiction becoming part of the real world were conceived as madness, although the most pretentious always dreamed of creating virtual spaces in which one could interact with the help of technology.
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Virtual reality: a real investment opportunity

Despite the economic difficulties, the field of virtual reality has become a real option for investors, even though some, reluctant to new technologies, do not quite accept that within this sector the possibilities of growth are quite high.
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Virtual Reality Report 2016


The democratization of virtual reality began with the launch of the Oculus Rift virtual glasses. Since then, other devices such as HTC Vive, PlayStation VR or Google Daydream View have entered the scene. The fight is on, and avid users of each of these platforms are already devouring the respective software. However, it is too early to know how each of the contenders will approach the race. However, a new report on Virtual Reality has shed light on the enigmatic situation of an increasingly hot competition.
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Sneakers, Google’s new patent for virtual reality

Google has filed a patent for a product specifically for virtual reality.

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