• Municipal Police

    Interactive Virtual Training

Virtual Reality experience with 360° videos and interactive training

Category: Virtual Reality Training

Client: Municipal Police

Location: Madrid

Year: 2023

Experience: Virtual Reality application with 360° video and interactive training

Hardware: Oculus Quest, PC, Smartphone, Tablet

Virtual Reality in police training

The interactive virtual reality training developed by TwoReality for the Municipal Police is an innovative tool with significant added value.

The software is highly customizable and compatible with any hardware (virtual reality glasses, PC, tablet, smartphone), allowing agents to experience realistic and complex situations in a safe and controlled environment and to receive specific training in areas where they need to improve their skills.

Virtual reality also allows agents to learn from their mistakes without risk of physical or material harm, resulting in better preparation for high-risk situations in the real world.

Policia Municipal formacion realidad interactiva aumentada
Policia formacion realidad virtual interactiva aumentada

In addition, virtual reality training can also help reduce the costs associated with training.

By eliminating the need for expensive and dangerous equipment, virtual reality can provide a more accessible, efficient and affordable learning experience.

It can also help reduce the time needed to train agents, as scenarios can be easily repeated and customized to focus on specific skills.

In summary, the interactive virtual reality training developed by TwoReality for the Police is a valuable tool that improves police effectiveness and public safety by creating highly customizable and immersive learning experiences.

In addition, this technology can also help reduce the costs associated with training and improve the efficiency of the training process.

Policia Municipal aumentada
Policia Municipal formacion realidad virtual interactiva

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