• Finsa Virtual Reality

    A complete universe of decorative possibilities like you’ve never seen before.

Discover how your world can change with a virtual reality experience.

Category: Virtual Tour

Client: Finsa

Location:  Coruña  (Spain)

Year: 2016

Experience: Virtual Reality App, 360° 3D Animation

Hardware: Cardboard  IOS and Android, Samsung Gear, Oculus Rif, Oculus GO

Discover how your world can be transformed by Finsa’s decorative surfaces through a Virtual Reality experience. A world of decorative possibilities like you have never seen before. Use the Cardboard glasses for an immersive experience or 360°º view, and see how decoration can change your immediate surroundings.

Virtual Reality

We have developed a virtual reality app so that the guest can enjoy an immersive experience and discover aspects of the process of carrying out wooden projects in another way.

The user will view processes and be familiar with the craft in order to get to know the actual situation of those involved in the process.

With this, we reconstruct part of the wooden cycle (from its origin to its use) reinforcing key messages of each of the stages.

Simultaneously, the user will watch in a subjective way the environments in which they are produced and will discover part of the processes directly explained through the key characters.


We imagined a 360° video app to use with the Samsung gear vr glasses, because of its ease of use, the quality of the image and the fact that it doesn’t depend on very expensive devices. It is also very easy to manage for shipment.

The final video could also be available in a 360° format to be displayed on the web (on youtube for example).

If you are interested in the development of applications for virtual or augmented reality headsets, do not hesitate to contact us.

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