Buy custom VR glasses

The Cardboard Virtual Glasses They are made of different materials (cardboard or plastic) and offer personalized finishes with the corporate image of your brand.

The idea is simple: you can send thousands of letters with your corporate image and message to all your target audience and they will be able to assemble their glasses in a matter of minutes.

Once assembled they will take their mobile they will open your application and enjoy of the virtual content of your brand or product.

At Two Reality we have a very important rule; have the ability to adapt to demand of our clients to achieve the objectives. That is why we offer the different types of virtual glasses on the market.

If what you want is to impact a large number of people with your content in virtual reality, the Cardboard are virtual glasses what do you need.

Virtual Reality Glasses Rental

Our virtual reality company puts at your disposal the awesome virtual glasses technology for as long as you need.

We are a virtual reality development specialists specialized in the rental of virtual reality and augmented reality glasses, we ship throughout Spain.

VR Ready computers: The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive require a high-powered computer, we will we provide ready computers to withstand any scenario for the Oculus.

Face-to-face support: To guarantee the best possible result at your event or during a fair, we put a specialized technician at your disposal until the act ends.

Our rates for virtual glasses rental

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