• 360 Video Cofidis

    A Virtual Reality Experience on Cofidis’Value

Welcome to the World of Cofidis’Values

Category: 360 3D Video

Customer: Cofidis

Location:  Barcelona

Year: 2019

Experience: Virtual Reality App, 360° Video

Hardware: Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift and Oculus GO, Cardboard

360 Video created for the “Valores Cofidis” campaign.

With this 360° virtual experience the company shares its values through all 5 senses; a unique sensory experience.

Values that inspire the way they act, which define them as company.

Cats Video 

The value of Agility Ants Video 

The Value of Responsibility Elephants Video 

The Value of Consideration Bears Video 

The Value of Being Daring Jellyfish Video 

The Value of Simplicity

We have also produced cardboard glasses in plastic material, so that each participant can enjoy the 360° experience directly on their mobile phones.

If you are interested in the development of applications for virtual or augmented reality headsets, do not hesitate to contact us.