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Until a few years ago, the possibility of entering a virtual world and interacting with other people in a 3D environment was something relegated to fiction. After several experiences such as Second Life or Roblox, the Metaverse concept has been consolidated thanks to Facebook’s (now Meta) commitment to develop its own virtual universe.

This development has opened up an opportunity for other companies to participate in this new Metaverse, or even create their own. Large corporations such as Sony, Microsoft, Google and Apple have opted for the latter.

But the metaverse is not only within the reach of technology giants. At Two Reality we develop Metaverse solutions and projects for companies of all types.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse, also known as web3, meta-world or X-Verse, is a virtual universe in which users can create their own avatar and interact with other users. This interaction is not limited to communication with other avatars, but goes far beyond: from holding business meetings to mass events such as concerts.

Virtually any activity that we perform in the real world can be performed in the Metaverse. In addition, access to the Metaverse is not limited to complex devices such as virtual reality goggles. A computer or smartphone will be enough to connect to the Metaverse.

It should be noted that there is no single Metaverse: each company can develop its own virtual space. Or choose to participate in an existing Metaverse. You can find out more about the Metaverse concept in this article.

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What are the options for my company to participate in the Metaverse and what benefits will it bring me?

As Metaverse technology is growing, we will see more and more ways to connect users and brands in the virtual universe.

Each company’s commitment to the Metaverse will depend on its resources and the type of experience to be built. Broadly speaking , we can define the following options:

Creation of its own Metaverse

Having a virtual universe will allow a more exhaustive control of it and define what kind of experiences users can enjoy. In addition, companies can opt for a public Metaverse, where anyone can register and access; or a private Metaverse, oriented to a small group of users, such as workers who enjoy a space in which to meet.

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Participation in an existing Metaverse

In this case, we will depend on the rules established by the creator of the Metaverse. For example, it remains to be seen how Meta (Facebook) will allow brands to have their own space in its Metaverse for users to interact with.

In any case, the participation of companies in the Metaverse can bring numerous benefits, such as:

  • Closeness to users

    In an increasingly saturated digital world, companies must look for points of contact with users that allow them to stand out, trying to go beyond the publication of content on social networks and other platforms. The Metaverse allows a more direct contact between brand and user, designing completely customized experiences.

  • No need for a physical space

    Holding a business meeting, a concert or a digital art exhibition does not require having an office, a venue or an art gallery at our disposal.

  • Remote event hosting

    By not depending on a physical space to organize an event, the Metaverse allows virtual attendance of users from all over the world. From corporate conventions of a multinational, to massive gatherings with influencers.

  • Increased interaction

    Video games, chess games, museum visits, concerts, shopping… the possibilities offered by the Metaverse are practically endless.

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