How virtual reality will change the world

With the passage of time, virtual reality is one of those things that have managed to make their way into everyday life.

In the past, the ideas and possibilities of fiction becoming part of the real world were conceived as madness, although the most pretentious always dreamed of creating virtual spaces in which one could interact with the help of technology.

With the arrival of the ’90s, these ambitions came to fruition and large entertainment companies, such as the Japanese Sega, did not hesitate to take the opportunity to develop the virtual reality with audio and videos, allowing players to to find themselves in video game scenarios that looked real but ultimately didn’t feel that way.

A couple of decades later, the virtual reality is back with more strength and better graphics, state-of-the-art technology, and great projects such as the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR that admit that users experience almost impossible things such as fly and explore worlds of total fantasy in high resolution and with highly realistic movements.

There is no doubt that this type of technology is something that pleases the minds of the most creative and daring, as they are the ones who most enjoy this type of content and experiences and are always looking for a little more.

However, virtual reality headsets or goggles can be used by anyone, anywhere as they are also very useful in other aspects and environments such as music, business and even the healthcare industry .

And if you still don’t believe that virtual reality is here to stay and that little by little it has been changing the world as we have always known it, here are some of the things it has achieved and that will surely help you to better understand what we are saying:


  • Special virtual missions:

    One of the first dreams of children, when they are still small, is to travel to the moon. And this is not a possibility for the vast majority as it is neither easy nor economical. However, NASA has managed to make it possible for anyone to explore a virtual, photo-realistic version of the planets, with the help of the Microsoft Hololens (and soon the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear ). NASA has also succeeded in training astronauts with virtual reality.

  • Car test:

    Since December 2013, Ford Motors has been using immersive experience to test cars once they have been designed, in order to determine whether they are safe, how their handling turns out and whether they will actually offer an enjoyable experience to their future owners. Hyundai, Volvo and Ford are also using mixed reality to let their customers virtually drive the cars before they buy them.

  • Visualization of projects prior to construction:

    Virtual reality has arrived to change the world of design and construction thanks to tools such as VRTisan, which allow architects to design, explore and modify buildings in real time, with the help of PlayStation VR.

  • Learning history in a classroom setting:

    The Timelooper app uses virtual reality in a very peculiar way, allowing the recreation of important historical events that have taken place anywhere in the world. Moreover, 3D images can be explored through Google Cardboard.

  • Immersive journalism:

    Generally, photos can be manipulated and misinterpreted if they are presented out of their original context and at the wrong angle. In 2014, Project Syria gave World Economic Forum attendees the opportunity to explore the scene of a bombing in Syria and tour a refugee camp.

    In addition to the above, we already know how beneficial virtual reality glasses are in the world of medicine, which are used to optimize treatments for patients in need of therapy, those with fears and phobias and even those suffering from cancer. Among so many things, the truth is that virtual reality is a technology that is proving to be very useful in various fields and that we will undoubtedly find it more and more in our daily lives and in the most common tasks.

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