Industry 4.0 : augmented reality to increase productivity, eliminate errors and reduce working times.

Companies in the industrial sector are always looking for tools that allow them to obtain a competitive advantage and added value for their customers by trying to increase production by eliminating errors and reducing production times. The augmented reality software created by Tworeality allows sharing a video signal with one or more specialized operators to receive real-time support, thus creating a collaborative work where the field operator never remains alone and can always have a connection with his operations center.

Technicians can see and talk to the operator in the field to verbally explain how the problem can be solved; they can also send PDF files, videos or images to help understand and reduce the time needed to complete the task.

To simplify communication, technicians can draw directly in the operator’s field of view through a function such as “paint” present in our software; this eliminates errors during transmission and makes communication more direct and simple.

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Employee location service.

With our software, the technical department or operations center can check in real time where all the operators are in the field and see what kind of work has been done so far and what tasks are left to finish.

Internet connection.

Our software for remote assistance in augmented reality allows a high quality Internet signal using low bandwidth; a low speed Internet connection is sufficient to transmit a homogeneous and uninterrupted signal.

70% of accidents in the industry are caused by human error due to not knowing how to operate or errors in the production process.

+ 32 % increase in labor productivity

30 % of errors during work activities

25% reduction of the time required to solve the problem and complete the work

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Compatible devices to receive video transmission:

– PCs with Internet connection

– Cell phones and tablets with Internet connection

The only difference between mobile phones/tablets and augmented reality glasses is the perception of the physical and actual interior: if the operator in the field transmits with a pair of augmented reality glasses, we will have a immersive first-person view which will allow us to have the same vision of the operator in the field and he will have both hands free to work.

If, instead, the signal is transmitted with a cell phone or tablet, we will have a third-person view and the operator in the field will have one hand busy holding the cell phone.

augmented reality industry 4.0

Examples of augmented reality remote assistance applications

Companies that sell electronic products:

Its users can download the company’s app directly to their device and connect in real time with an internal operator to request assistance on the product under warranty if it is not working or to request technical information. This allows the company to provide better support to its customers by eliminating the dispatch of technicians and offering a unique and innovative service.

Companies that sell industrial machinery:

This type of company can include our software in the sale of the machine, thus providing an added value to the purchase and an innovative and highly technological assistance service to its customers. Perfect for sectors such as healthcare, industry, marine, aviation, automation, oil, etc.

augmented reality industry 4.0 remote assistance

Our software is compatible with PCs and tablets and allows:

– Receive or make video calls

– Sharing documents (text, PDFs, images and videos)

– Take one or more screenshots

– Send and receive text messages in internal chat

– Talk to the operator in the field