Samsung bets on Virtual Reality

The biggest and most important brands in the technology space are currently developing different devices to enhance users’ virtual world experiences.

Virtual reality now allows people to enjoy unparalleled moments through 3D and 360-degree videos of any occasion and place .

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The development of these technologies by virtual reality agencies such as Tworeality provides people with access to this incredible technology that seems to be more and more present in the real world every day.

These contents can be enjoyed by having at hand the accessories and devices that allow virtual reality to be enjoyed optimally and in the best quality, in order to have virtual experiences that are more and more real .

For example, the large company Samsung is engaged in the production of these virtual reality gadgets.

Just now it has just announced that it will release an AR (Augmented Reality) headset the size of Microsoft’s HoloLens line, Samsung vice president Dr. Sung-Hoon Hong reported at the Virtual Reality Summit in San Diego.

This VR headset created by Samsung, like its Gear VR Samsung, is designed to immerse users in a completely virtual universe.

But beyond that, these headsets are capable of creating much more of a so-called “mixed reality” experience by putting all sorts of virtual images and elements around people’s eyes so they can observe the real world around them.

Hong gave the popular Pokemon Go game as an example, saying that individuals using this game will be able to put on their VR headsets and look around for characters and if they notice one of the game’s figures in a real tree, players can walk up to it, remove the real branches and grab the pokemon.

It’s like the fusion between digital and reality.

Apparently, such augmented reality headsets designed by Samsung will be on public display next February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, however there is still no information about the name of the device and who could be its partners.

What is certain is that this is indicating that Samsung has begun to bet heavily on what will be in the future dimensions of virtual reality.

However, the big company Samsung is not the only one that is now working towards these new technologies, as Microsoft has also been developing in the field of mixed realities, making it a key point in the latest Windows 10 Creators update that will appear next year.

In addition, it is working with other companies such as HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell and Asus to create a $299 headset for its users. Although Samsung’s vice president talked about augmented reality, it seems that virtual reality is setting the tone for the South Korean company and all of its upcoming plans. Hong also commented that Samsung is developing what will be a new version of the Samsung Gear VR -which is about VR glasses-, which will be presented in the not so distant future.

We can see that the great interest and constant investments and efforts in the development of new materials for the virtual reality world are setting the direction for what will be the near future of the technology. Virtual reality is a growing technology that is making inroads into many areas of life today. It seems that in the coming years virtual experiences will become more and more real and people will be able to have at hand endless opportunities in this universe.