The future of Virtual Reality in 2017

The future of Virtual Reality

Many knowledgeable people still see Virtual Reality as a fad, destined to go the same way as laserdiscs and 3D TV.

These people believe that the consumer in the future will eventually drop all interest, causing VR agencies to abandon app development and maintenance.

After a year with the three strongest Virtual Reality proposals in the market (HTC Vive, Oculus and PlayStation VR), the future of this type of technology looks promising.

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100 million virtual glasses

Virtual glasses shipments to reach 100 million by 2021

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has been publishing reports related to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies for quite some time now, but a recent publication from the company shows us how these technologies are seen as completely viable in the near future.
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Samsung bets on Virtual Reality

The biggest and most important brands in the technology space are currently developing different devices to enhance users’ virtual world experiences.

Virtual reality now allows people to enjoy unparalleled moments through 3D and 360-degree videos of any occasion and place .
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Casey Neistat, Samsung Gear 360 and the World’s Largest Drone

Inside all of us there is an adventurer who would not hesitate to take dangers and embark on fantastic adventures that would make you feel alive and full of adrenaline, but if you have a tight schedule and simply can’t leave your home or office, you can always live vicariously the experience of adventure through Casey Neistat. This 35-year-old filmmaker and youtuber resides in New York City and his videos remind us how much fun life can be for those who go out into the world.
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Samsung Gear VR arrives in Spain

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you are in luck. Finally, you can try virtual reality on your phone.

From February 20, the Samsung Gear VR will be available in Spain for fans of virtual technology.

After the flood of reservations the virtual reality glasses are available again at a recommended price of 249 euros.

Samsung Gear VR
are an add-on only for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone, rumors of its use in the Galaxy 5 have been ruled out mainly because the screen density falls short for virtual reality.

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