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Colombia and Covid19 make us design telework with virtual reality

Remote work is like a fishing village:

before dawn they go out alone to collect as much as they can in their boat,

everyone stays in touch and there is not much help to be offered.

They come back when they have enough fish, to have fun and share their experiences.

Work is no longer in a different location from the home as it was in the industrial revolution, in close proximity to everyone else;

working at home is natural and that is an advantage that we must take advantage of now that everything is connected and we are digital.

The first thing is to reaffirm the purpose of the company and the team.

That way everyone has a common point to pursue.

Re-present the mission, vision and values that represent the company.

Then, the General Manager must lead by example,

contacting your team in the same way you would in person, congratulating, motivating,

praising a job well done and disconnecting during the hours when there should be no work.

You must be available and show your personal side as well as your professional side.

The third step is to create a digital culture that moves beyond decisions and processes and touches the human side:

emoticons, virtual greetings, “ringing the bell” when something goes very well, holding informal “hallway” meetings, attending to the human side of the organization.

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The fourth step is to use digital tools as much as possible:

text messages, virtual meetings on Google Hangouts, Zoom,

have a chat room during group meetings that can be done through virtual reality glasses in a meeting room set up with the company’s environment,

your logos and corporate colors.

It is also important to celebrate a job well done: values, not just sales, profits or working late.

TwoReality is a virtual reality company in Bogota that can design this software for you.

The fifth is to prepare to manage conflict.

If something goes wrong or a behavior needs to be corrected, the usual practice is to hold a meeting in a private room to deliver the message.

In teleworking it is necessary to prepare much more with a “script” in advance, talking about the values and the necessary indications because non-verbal communication is missing.

In this way we foresee the consequences of a misinterpreted message.

Finally, compassion and empathy must be shown:

Although you can’t invite someone to lunch or help someone else with your papers or your desk,

we should look for digital ways: give a card, send “flowers” or a message of support and encouragement.

In the digital world, connection must be created in other ways,

especially with those more extroverted people who need human contact to energize themselves.

teletrabajo realidad virtual
TwoReality, Colombia’s leading virtual reality agency.

Virtual reality is a clearly growing, accessible and versatile technology with a lot of room for growth in Colombia, starting with the capital city.

Virtual reality companies in Colombia are still scarce,

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we want to bring the great benefits of virtual reality to a society as dynamic and modern as the Colombian one.

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