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    Migraine attack with aura

Migraine attack with development of aura, visual camploss and hearing problems.

Category: 360 Video

Client: Novartis

Location:  Barcelona

Year: 2018

Experience: Virtual Reality App with 360° Video

Hardware: Samsung Gear, Oculus GO, Cardboard

Virtual reality experience to simulate migraine effects.

We have created a relaxing 360° experience that consists of a journey between Paris and Spain where you suddenly suffer a migraine attack;

starting with the appearance of an aura, loss of visual range and all sounds and odors start to bother the user.

We have superimposed different sound effects to generate a greater auditive chaos, emphasizing on the stress that a patient with migraine suffers on a daily basis, and the difficulty that supposes to face such stress while living with the disease.

Migraine is a kind of very intense headache that is caused by certain triggering factors.

There is a percentage of individuals who tend to feel migraine symptoms right after waking up.

Some of the causes of such morning migraines are:

Bruxism: This is a sleep disorder where the muscles involved in chewing move involuntarily and periodically. This causes pain in the head, face and jaw and can be a trigger for migraine.

Myofascial Syndrome: It is a disorder in which painful, tender areas, called trigger points, appear. Touching these areas can also cause intense pain and be a trigger for migraine.

Obstructive sleep apnea: In this type of apnea the person suffers a temporary blockage of the upper airways, meaning that air does not enter and so there is an exaggerated effort made to breathe. With this condition, sleep is interrupted and oxygen levels decrease, which may trigger migraine upon awakening.

Sleep Disorders: When the sleep rhythm is affected, either by excessive or diminished sleep, it can cause migraine attacks upon awakening. Half of those who suffer from migraine have difficulty to sleep or to do so with no interruptions.

Besides, all the noise we hear are added up. Nice way to start the day, right? That’s how those who suffer from migraines may feel all mornings.

Realidad Virtual Migraña 360

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