• Virtual Reality Indo Show 360

    Visualize different 360 ° scenarios where the effects that simulate the new line of lenses are applied.

The hostess acts as a guide and controls the actions that others may see.

Category: 360 ° Video / Software

Client: Indo

Location: Barcelona

Year: 2017

Experience: Virtual Reality for Vision Services

Hardware: Samsung Gear, Tablet and IOS-Android Smartphone

Virtual Reality for Vision Services.

The new Indo 360 ° App allows to experience different 360 ° scenarios where different effects are applied to simulate the new line of Indo eyewear.

The app is divided into two parts: the first one consists of a normal virtual reality app, in which the user can enjoy the experience autonomously, and the second that requires a wifi connection in which a technician or hostess acts as a guide and controls the action that others see by using a device.

Having a person in charge who acts as a guide means that this person has control over how the experience will progress and therefore achieve the effect you expect on the people who are having the experience.

This system allows us to learn and interact in real time with the kind of experience that users are currently having with the glasses, allowing a better communication between users and technicians or sales representatives.

In this way, the hostess, directly with her mobile or tablet, can choose the type of glasses and 360 ° scenario, so that the user can test different models without having to take off the glasses.

If you are interested in the development of applications for virtual or augmented reality headsets, do not hesitate to contact us.

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